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2022 & 2023 Charities


September: VFW Ruskin

October: Elks Children Therapy

November: ECHO

December:  A Kids Place

January: Blue Lightning Defenders

February: C.H.A.T.

March: Mary Martha House

April: Fire House Cultural Center

May: Care of Ruskin

June: Thompson Elementary School  

July:  Hooked on Hope

August: Booker Elementary School

Feeding Tampa Bay - Food insecurity can affect anyone: our neighbors, coworkers, the elderly, and classmates. Many people who need our help work hard day in and day out, but were one layoff, tragedy or natural disaster away from needing assistance. We embrace our similarities and differences alike to reinforce the strength of our impact. We honor and serve all of our neighbors compassionately and free of prejudice.

Feeding Tampa Bay is leading the movement to end hunger, rallying our community together to create a healthier, more capable Tampa Bay and beyond.



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