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Charities for

2022 & 2023

September: VFW Ruskin

October: Elks Children Therapy

November: ECHO

December: The Kids Place...(Christmas Social WOB in Brandon)

January: Blue Lightning Defenders

February: C.H.A.T.

March: Mary Martha House

April: Fire House Cultural Center

May: Care of Ruskin

June: Thompson Elementary School  

July:  Hooked on hope

August: Booker Elementary



Charities Total for 2020-2021..... $6.203
Charlotte's also gave away 4- $2,500. Scholarships

Charities Total for 2019-2020..... $4,863.
Charlotte's also gave away 2- $2,500. Scholarships
Charities Total for 2018-2019...... $4,696

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